What We Do

Chinese Student Impact (CSI) is here to work with Chinese university students in China by teaching them conversational English.

The purpose of English week is to teach conversational English to Chinese university students. This is accomplished through classroom sessions, one on one conversations, and large and small group activities. The team members are prepared by professional educators for the classroom sessions. The curriculum has been field tested for it’s effectiveness and ability to engage the students.

Our team from CSi will visit the city of Xi’an in May 2020.  The plan is to leave the U.S. on May 13 and return on May 31, 2020.  We will visit two campuses, having a one week program at each. The teaching team will have opportunities to engage in the Chinese culture of Xi’an. There will be days before and after the week of teaching for acclimation to the culture and touring cultural sites.

What is English Week?

Our teams spend a week on campus and. . .

  • help students prepare for their futures’ by teaching them conversational English. Our curriculum challenges the students to think critically.
  • engage in conversations in small and large group opportunities.
  • put on evening programs which include group singing, skits, stimulating lectures

How We Prepare:

  • Encourage interested people to join team for two week trips to universities in China
  • Train and equip team members for personal interactions with Chinese students and culture
  • Prepare team members for English lessons in classroom setting with Chinese university students
  • Provide curriculum for lessons with Chinese English majors
  • Prepare team for opportunities to engage students during formal and informal settings. e.g. conversation corner, meals, large group settings, and evening programs

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