A week full of significance – May 2018 Trip

CSI team members teach english. Team members build relationships. The following are reflections and impressions from some of the Chinese students from our trip in May 2018.

A week full of significance
This week differed from any others since 14 foreigners came into our college in order to develop the capacity of English for us, every student. We communicated something with each other, went downtown, and did plenty of meaningful things!

Such these days, in reality, we are so busy, whereas lots of skills were learnt by us, especially in English. In addition, we became forever friends! There are some feelings of this journey from all of my friends.

The feeling from Gerry
Everyone impressed me deeply. Cora is one of the most versatile persons who I have ever seen!  Zachary, I just want to say he is a humor boy. And In my perspective, Bekcy is just like our mom to help us! We went through intensive stories in Xi’an, which desired me to memory forever!

The feeling of Elf
There were so many sentiments this week. I knew some smart friends and foreigners. We accomplished a lot of interesting and challenging activities such as instructing the dialect of Shaanxi, making dumplings and so forth. However, they have to leave for the next stop. I just collected the journey as my golden memories!   

The thoughts of Xingrui
When first meeting all of you, I was impressed deeply by your zeal. And I obtain so many skills in English from yours. However, I couldn’t went to the airport due to the exam. What a pity! SEE YOU NEXT TIME.

The thought of Kevin
This week instructed me a lot. As a matter of fact, I am a quite introverted boy. But, thanks to them I changed more due to this week. I gave all the foreign teachers a permission I will stay here wait for their coming next year.

As for Jessica
It was a wonderful experience! I can feel all of the love from them. So becoming friends will be forever friends! Love you all.

Time for Max
This week means A LOT in my life. I Would like to go to San Diego with Sherry,to have a brilliant scenery of the sea and pick up some unique shells for my friends. Many thanks to Eric for not only made such a nice speech about love but also good suggestions for my questions. Vorrice would never let me sleep in a tracking field alone,he will go with me! And i should put my phone stay away from me when i sleep!“U see,parents are always the closest people to their kids,though a son can quarrel more with his dad,they learned from each other.”Karen said. Try my best to Finish a triathlon,then have a cup of Americano with B.J. And design a game with some equipment for her grandkids if they like. I will keep a dog or a cat, Beaky just inspired me so much about their habits and traits. How i admire Cora that she is always full of vitality and has so many talents!Boys should have a mountain climbing or an adventure in RPG games together. Zach actually smiles good,handsomely and sincerely. There is no fear if Rick and Dawn could give me a big hug together to encourage me before a soccer match. Someday i should read a morning newspaper or magazines when we have breakfast together. Learning some English calligraphy from Rosemary, and group some persons to USA once to do the same great work for American students too like George. Finally, make a standard military salute to dad as the first greeting and cook a great dinner for Ally and her family if they like camping.

Xixi’s feeling
This is my happiest week. I think it just incredible. And I am very grateful of this opportunity from my teacher. I love you all !

Julies feeling
It is hard to say me feeling. This trip was attracted by me deeply. And I expanded my relationship as I found my younger brother(Zachary Plath) and grandpa(Geroge) from US. With time going by,we owned better relationship!However,we have to go ahead alone. I am so sad. And expecting a better reunion.

The sentiment of jim
This week means a lot. I am up to go broad for studies. So I cherished the opportunity more to experience a distinguishable culture. As far as I’m concerned, we all were impressed by each other. There were substantial photos and words witnessing the massive memories that I have never forgotten. I also remembered us a very cute group, Zachary Julie and me and so forth. Though we had already separate, I believed the saying “becoming friends will be forever friend!”(I just miss you all)As a result, I expect the next reunion!

So I ensure all of our readers can feel how happy we are and how unique the journey is. We not only develop our English skills but also recognized so many new friends. As a saying said that the separate of today is up for a better reunion tomorrow!

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