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Spring Trip 2018

Our team will serve at universities in Xi'an and Langfang. The trip will be May 16 to June 2/3, 2018.   You will receive cultural and classroom training. The curriculum based on current educational principles to encourage student involvement and learning. We are looking for new team members for our 2018  trip. If you are interested in helping Chinese university students to improve their English skills and foster friendships with them, then consider joining us in May. The dates will be May 16 - June 2/3, 2018   For more information and an application please contact: info@chinesestudentimpact.com 410.375.7770 410.629.9652

A Day in with CSi in Xi’an

1 city 2 universities 14 team members 19 days 63 English classes 2016 Chinese / team contacts   Xi’an. Early morning. Sharp tones of strings come to us through open windows of our high rise hotel. Peeking out at the park across the street we can see the synchronized movements of scores of men and women as they perform their morning exercises. The team meets in the lounge of the team leader’s suite. Sitting on chairs, the couch, the floor and window ledge we receive and share information in coordination for a successful day with Chinese students. There is a feeling of solidly being in one another’s corner. There are ...